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Power Dynamics Within the Gay Community

“[The police] didn’t seem to bother the girls’ clubs much” (Hooker 7). Lisa Ben, one of the lesbian participants in Dr. Evelyn Hooker’s story, mentions her first experience at a gay bar. In doing so, she describes a constant fear … Continue reading

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Internet Communities: The Rhetoric and the Danger

“For these women, online communities have provided a safe haven in which they can discuss feelings, test identities, and gather support” (Cooper 83).                 After seeing the effects of an internet LGBT community, I immediately thought back to the Stonewall … Continue reading

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Is De-Composition for Everyone?

“[My needlework teacher] recognized things according to expectation and environment. If you were in a particular place, you expected to see particular things” (Winterson 45). Jeannette’s inability to conform to the school policy initially struck me as odd. I did … Continue reading

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Religious Fear of Homosexuality

Chapter one of Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit foreshadows Jeanette’s impending homosexuality. Readers are left with unanswered questions at the end of the chapter. Is the gypsy’s prediction correct? Will Alison attend school? Will her mother become more liberal … Continue reading

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Anti-Gay Commercial Continue reading

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