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Textual Analysis v. Contextual Analysis

An effective way to differentiate well-articulated rhetoric as compared to flawed rhetoric is by exercising rhetorical analysis or rhetorical criticism. According to Selzer, “rhetorical analysis or rhetorical criticism can be understood as an effort to understand how people within specific … Continue reading

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Five Canons of Rhetoric

Covino and Joliffe introduce the five canons of rhetoric in their article “What is Rhetoric?” These five canons consist of invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery. Invention, according to the article, is the art of bringing facts together to apply to … Continue reading

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What is Rhetoric?

Rhetoric, simply defined by Covino and Jolliffe, is the study and practice of shaping content (Covino 4).  However, for someone like me, who has always had a problem orally conveying a text as compared to writing it, rhetoric is something … Continue reading

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